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Minutes of Meeting with WGM, City of Regina and Goulet Club Executive - April 10, 2019


Goulet  Golf Club
Fall Semi-Annual Meeting Minutes
Meeting Date:September 21, 2019
Location:Italian Club
Time:7:30 p.m.

1.Called meeting to order at 7:44 PM

2.Review and adoption of minutes from 2019 Spring Semi-annual meeting. No changes required. Sandy Zimmerman made a motion to accept the minutes as distributed and posted. Seconded by John McCormick. All in favour – passed.

3.President's Report - Sandy Zimmerman
- introduction of 2019 Executive, names and positions.
- indicated we have 235 members, which is down 14 members from last year.
- gave thanks to executive and members who helped throughout the season.
- mentioned the rain on the course was welcomed.
- gave thanks to Western Golf Management team, Doug Warne, Sheila, and all the kitchen staff   and to Teaching Pro, Gary Gerein, especially for holding the MAP grant sessions and also   providing the Ladies Nine N' Wine with entertainment.
- thanks to all who helped with scoring, and to Delbert Betnar for his assistance with the rules   and the score boards for the Club Championship.
- thanks to all the members for all their support. Believe it was an enjoyable season.

4. Treasurer's Report - Bryan Spence
- has distributed a copy of the financial statements on the tables. The majority of the   revenue comes from our members of which there were actually 249, which is the same   as last year.
- revenues are also the same as last year.
- MAP grant money from Sask Golf is down over the last few years.
- Golf Sask Association fees were $32.00 per members plus GST which has increased.
- instead of buying directories this year we used the money to subsidize the cost of the   meal for the windup.
- bank charges are down due to changing account types. E-transfers makes things   easier. Next year will eliminate password. Plan to have e-transfers set up with auto   deposit.
- there are some minor items yet for expenses and income, with a projected year-end   balance of $1,510.
- the Club computer and Windows operating system are getting old. We will need to add   an update for these items to next year's budget.

5.Men's Rep Report - Rollie Marriott
- MAP grant was roughly $1,000. Most of that went to Gary for club purposes proving     private and group lessons. Sask Lotteries provides the funding through Golf Sask to   fund up to  75% of his cost, the remaining 25% is then covered by the Goulet Club.
- there were 3 men's tournaments: 1) Handicap: 1st - Dale Pekrul, 2nd - John   McKechnie, 3rd - Al Toews; 2) Skins: 1st - Dale Pekrul, 2nd - John McCormick, 3rd -   Joe Glencross; 3) Match Play: A Side - George Grassl, B Side - Murray Wihlidal.
- Joe Glencross got a hole in one this year.

6. Ladies Rep - Carol Spence
- good participation for ladies events. Need more ladies learning scoring.
- Nine N' Wine had 50 participants, great turnout. Thanked Gary for providing   entertainment
- held a yellow, white and blue scramble.
- did not have a match play this year as poor participation previously.
- birdies and brews had 46 members participate. Feedback received was positive.
- interclub sent Wendie Fisher, Megan Adams, Shelley Kentz and Deanna Zink. The   Goulet ladies came in 3rd.
- there was no birdie draw this year and it will be carried over to next year.
- of the 249 members, 149 are ladies.
- thanks to all. Hope you all enjoyed your year.

7.New Business:

a) 2020 - Executive Elections - Aggie Potapinski chaired.
- Aggie indicated we normally make three calls for nominations, and requested   permission to make all three calls for nominations at one time. Dale Pekrul was   nominated to hold position of Men's Rep; he accepted. Sandy Zimmerman nominated   Jack McHardy as President; he accepted. Second and third calls made for   nominations, none forthcoming. Janet Miller made a motion that nominations cease.   Seconded by Rollie Marriott. All in favour - carried.
- thanked executive who were stepping down.
- Sandy indicated as past-president she will attend meetings, but has no voting rights.   Stated it's been an honour and a pleasure working with everyone and thanked this   year's and all past executives for their service.

b) Motion to dissolve the Goulet Golf Club (if required) - not required.

c) Opened the floor for discussions:
- Marilyn Reddy made a motion: Goulet Club to allow this year's executive members to   treat themselves to dinner. Thanked executive for their service. Seconded by Kate   Flamont. All in favour - carried.
- John Solomon asked about having divot repair sand boxes provided on the par 3   t-boxes. Asked about increasing rates to pay for such or go to the City? Bryan indicated   rates are going up with Sask Golf and need to consider all budget items. Could perhaps   use MAP grant money to cover this expense. Executives will discuss. Doug Warne   replied he will approach the City about this and club cleaners, etc. Executive will follow-  up with him. Marilyn Reddy questioned having them put on the carts themselves. Most   people walk the Goulet though. Donna McCormick questioned waiting until spring.   Doug indicated they have a meeting over the winter and will bring it up at that meeting.
- Linda Collins questioned moving tee times on the sheets to 3:00. Currently first t-time is   3:30. Doug will take this under advisement.
- Megan asked about Signup Genius. Executive have looked into this and it would be   difficult. There are other possibilities coming through Sask Golf, and executive will look   into finding the right fit.
- question raised about having a drop-off box for registrations, etc. Executives have   looked into this. Carol Spence has spoken to Doug Warne who indicated we will   probably put a locked box somewhere next season.
- John Solomon asked about the geese and whether we can approach the City to   remove them. Doug has received a letter to approve destroying the nests, but it is   difficult due to the location of some of them on the island. He indicated if we have   concerns to contact the City directly with any formal complaints.
- as no further discussions Sandy Zimmerman indicated the floor was closed.

8.Sandy Zimmerman made a motion to adjourn the meeting: Adjourned 8:25.


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If you have any comments on the Goulet Golf Club, Joanne Goulet Golf course or Managment please enter info in box below and Press the submit button.  This form is anonymous but if you wish, put your email address at the end of your comments and we will respond to your concern.

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