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This page was last updated: March 25, 2022
Goulet Caddy
Club Tournaments:
- On-line registration - go to and click on "Club Events", then click on the tournament you wish to register for. Payment is accepted by etransfer to [email protected]
-Entry fee plus green fees (includes proximity prizes)
- Different types of individual and team events (eg. Par Points, Flag, Best Ball, etc.)
- Some tournaments open to guests, all tournaments open to members.
- Handicapped tournaments require an established and up-to-date handicap
- Club Championship - you must have an established handicap to participate
Club Nights:

-For Tuesday or Wednesday Club Nights, bookings can be made on-line using the Tee-On Software, starting at 9 AM the Tuesday or Wednesday prior.
-Tuesday 3:00- 6:30 p.m.(one nine only); Wednesdays 3:00 – 6:30 p.m. (both nines)
-All Club Nights are mixed format
- $2.00 fee for Proximities, plus green fees
- $2.00 fee for Deuce Pot (optional)
- 9 holes
- Different types of contests (eg. hidden holes, hidden partners, etc.)
- Must play with another club member to be eligible for prizes
- Club credits are awarded to winners of club events based on rules of game being played - can be spent on almost everything in Western Golf Management Pro Shops (Goulet, Tor Hill or The Murray) - No Expiry Date
- Hole-in-One Plaques - members hand in signed and attested scorecards to executive for achieving hole-in-one while playing at the Joanne Goulet Golf Course.
- Club Championship prizes are purchased then awarded at the Club Windup (except proximity prizes)
- Club Tournament prizes are mostly donations, or purchased by tournament committee.
These rules apply only when playing at the Joanne Goulet Golf Course during club nights and member/guest tournaments
- Must hit 1st ball from tee - if ball enters the water, member is allowed to (a) take to drop zone (#1 or #8 near bridge) - player is hitting 3rd shot or (b) carry over for a 3-stroke penalty and play from the other side within a reasonable distance - player is hitting 4th shot.
-You may NOT exchange your ball with a " water " ball prior to hitting over the water.
- Take 1 club length relief (no closer to the hole) from trees marked with yellow ribbons or staked, if stance or swing will be affected - no penalty stroke - doesn't apply to line of sight.
- Local Rule Hole #18 - Preferred Lie - Hole #18 between the 150 yard markers and the hazard, and on the fairway. If your ball comes to rest in this area, you may take relief without penalty. Mark, lift, clean and place your ball within two club lengths no closer to the hole. If your ball comes to rest in the hazard you should drop the ball and then proceed under the above Rule.
- Play "ready" golf.


- Cancel tee times you can't make, as soon as you know you can't play - so others can play.
- Register at Pro Shop at least 10 to 15 minutes before scheduled tee time.
- Winners check "Credit Sheet" in the Pro Shop. Credits can be spent on almost everything in Western Golf Management Pro Shops (Goulet, Tor Hill or The Murray) - No expiry date.
- Take advantage of offerings from MAP (Member Assistance Program) such as full swing and short game lessons.
- Contact Club Captain about problems with entering scores in the computer, rule interpretations.
- Contact any member of the executive with suggestions to improve the club or about any problems that are hindering your enjoyment.
-Handicap Committee:
-Administers procedures of the RCGA handicap system to make the game of golf more enjoyable for all the members
-Provide fair & equitable competition
-Make score posting easy
-Issue membership/handicap cards
-Take action if members fail to post scores
-Verify handicap factors
-Liaison between the Golf Saskatchewan and Goulet Golf Club
Ladies Program:
- Tournaments/Club Night
- Clinics - Swing, Rules, Short Game, Putting
- 9 & Wine Night, Birdies & Brews Night.
Men's Program:
- Tournaments/Club Night
- Clinics - Swing Rules, Short game, Putting
- Skins Game Night and Match Play
Junior Program: N/A for 2021 Season
- Clinics - Swing, Rules, Short Game, Putting
- Matches against other golf clubs
- Tournaments/Club Night
- Qualification for Junior Pro Am
- see "Just For Juniors" Web Page for more detailed information.
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Joanne Goulet Golf Club
8045 Kestal Drive
Regina, SK S4Y 1G7

[email protected]

Clubhouse/Pro Shop:
(306) 777-7600

PGA of Canada Professionals:
Brian Dueck and Gary Gerein

Goulet Club Email:
[email protected]
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