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This page was last updated: May 29, 2020
Keeping Score:

Remember that your game scores should be posted on the RCGA
site within two weeks of you having played the round.  Handicaps
will be used on club nights after new members have had an opportunity to establish a handicap.  Your RCGA Handicap Factor
must be converted to your handicap by using the sheets
(men or ladies) posted on the wall near the computer.  You may
also use the Course Handicap Calculator on the RCGA site.

Please feel free to approach any Executive Member with any
questions or email - [email protected]

Member Responsibility:

As a member of the Goulet Golf Club, you are asked to maintain your scores on the computer at the club house, in order to establish a registered handicap. 

Why do you need a handicap? 

If you are a "social" golfer, you probably don't.  However, if you want to play in any SGA sanctioned tournament or any handicapped tournament (including those put on by the Goulet Golf Club), you will need one.  Also, if you want a better chance at winning on club nights when Handicaps are being used, we recommend that you put all your scores into the computer (from any golf course), and establish a handicap.  Otherwise,you are playing with a 0 handicap when others playing with a handicap can subtract their handicap from their overall score. 

Believe me, it can make a big difference!   You are hurting yourself by not keeping your handicap accurate and up to date.  At the very least, you can monitor how muchyour game improves over the golf season!

Before you can enter your scores in the computer, you will need to learn about
Equitable Stroke Control (ESC).

Equitable Stroke Control: For entering an 'ESC Adjusted Gross Score' only.

Most golf courses have been rated by the SGA for slope and will vary from course to course and from back tee boxes to forward tee boxes.  Slope refers to the difficulty of the course.

Before you enter your score in the computer, you must first calculate your equitable strokes. 
A score for any hole is restricted to a maximum number of strokes over par depending
on your handicap, using the tables below:

    (Obsolete as of March 1, 2012)                    (effective March 1, 2012)

0 or Plus Course Handicap  -     Max of 1 over par   9 or Less Course Handicap -  Max of 2 over par
1-18 Course Handicap -             Max of 2 over par  10-19 Course Handicap -         Max score of 7
19-32 Course Handicap -           Max of 3 over par  20-29 Course Handicap -         Max score of 8
33 and over Course Handicap - Max of 4 over par  30-39 Course Handicap -         Max score of 9
40 and over Course Handicap - Max score of 10

Equitable Stroke Control:  For entering 'Hole-by-hole Scores' only

If you choose to enter your scores via the “Hole-by-hole Score” method, you do not need to calculate your Equitable Stroke Control.  The system will do this for you when you hit submit.  Please refer to “Entering Scores:  Hole-by-Hole” for more detail.


For all club nights and club tournaments, you will need to know a few other items:Sign your scorecards with your first and last names (legibly please)  You should exchange your scorecard with someone in your foursome - this is required for club   tournaments.  Mark your 18 hole index someplace on your scorecard.  Make sure your scorecard is attested (signed) by the person keeping your score.  Make sure you sign your own scorecard as well.  Hand your scorecard into either the scorekeeper, or to the scorecard box, as soon as you return to   the club house.
Enter your scores into the Ringer Book (binder at clubhouse).  Don't forget to enter your adusted score into the computer!

Rules Summary:  An RCGA Reference of the Basic Rules of Golf

From your RCGA Network account, you can find a link to this under the left-hand menu titled “HANDICAPPING”.  Here you will find a link to “Rules of Golf”.   You will want to read (or download)  “Section III Rules of Golf.pdf”  Print a copy and keep it in your golf bag.  

NOTE:  To open this file you will require Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Login into RCGA Network:

If you have not yet received your account information, retain your scorecards so you may enter them in at a later date.  Contact your executive for this account.

From any computer with Internet access, open the web browser and go to:

Under the Member Login area, you will need to enter:

Username:  Firstname Lastname    OR     GC Firstname Lastname
Password:  ***********

Please check with your club executive for information on your specific account.  
Remember to change your default password to protect your information.

My Golf Life:  The main screen for members

Upon your login you will be taken to the 'My Golf Life' page.   This is your main page for your account.   Here you can Enter Score (ESC Adjusted), Enter Hole-by-hole Scores, edit your account information (address, phone numbers, etc), and Print Handicap Card.

To enter your score(s), choose either 'Enter Score' or ' Enter Hole-by-Hole Score'

Entering Scores:  ESC Adjusted Gross Score'

From here you will enter in:

Score Date
Course List:  By default, the Joanne Goulet Golf Club should be your 'Home' course. 
You may have to add your other courses to your course list if its not listed by choosing the Course Finder.
Holes:  Either 9 or 18
Tees:   Select from available list
Course Rating & Slope Rating:  these values will change per the tee box selected
Tournament Score:  Check this box if it is a tournament score
ESC Ajusted Gross Score:  This is where you enter your score after doing your
Equitable Stroke Control adjustments.
Enter another player:   You can enter another member to show whom you played your round with.

Clicking 'POST SCORE' will take you to a summary Confirmation screen.

Please review your entry before clicking 'Confirm Score'  If there is an error, click on Edit Score.  

Once you have confirmed your score and clicked 'Confirm Score' you will be taken back to the 'My Golf Life' screen.   Here you should now find your latest score entry at the top of the scores list (at the bottom-half of the screen).  If this doesn't show automatically, you may have to click on 'Scoring Record'.

Entering Scores:  Hole-By-Hole Scores

Here you can choose to enter scores by hole.  Note:  No ESC Adjustments are required for Hole-by-Hole Scores.

Clicking on 'Go to Scorecard' will take you to the Scorecard view.

Here at the scorecard you will be able to enter in each score without any adjustments.  When your score is processed by the system, it will automatically do this for you.   As with the Ajusted Gross Score method, when you click Continue you will be prompted with a Confirm Score page.

Please review your entry carefully before proceeding with Confirm Score. 
If you notice an error, click on Edit Score.

Once you have confirmed your score and clicked 'Confirm Score' you will be taken back to the 'My Golf Life' screen.   Here you should now find your latest score entry at the top of the scores list (at the bottom-half of the screen).  If this doesn't show automatically, you may have to click on 'Scoring Record'.

Combining 9-HOLE scores:

Under the old scoring software, you were required to pair up 9-holes manually and record them as 18-holes. The RCGA Network will automatically combine the 9-HOLE scores for you. This will be shown in the Handicap Factor computation list as either 'C' or 'CI' --- “Combined Nines” or  “Combined Nines Internet”.

If you have any questions not covered in this guide, please contact an executive member.


NOTE:  To open this file you will require Adobe Acrobat Reader.

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