September 2019

So I was cleaning out my golf bag the other day, and at the bottom of the pocket were some ball markers, one of which said John A. Thompson Golf Course. It made me think of two things - one, I need to clean out my golf bag more often, and two, it’s been a quick thirty years since we opened the doors at our golf course!

When the Goulet (Thompson) golf course opened in the spring of 1990, the number one ranked player in golf was Seve Ballesteros, Tiger Woods was in high school, and hybrids were a type of seed. Now Seve is a memory, Tiger is heading that way, and hybrids are clubs people seem to have trouble hitting.

Maybe you’ve been around for the whole run, and you remember when nine holes became eighteen. Number three was a par three, (and for the longer hitters still is). Number four was a great 190 yard shot and one of the best par threes around. Number seven was a fun par four from a tee box still sitting there, but no longer used. Of course number nine was one of the best par fours in the city - I still miss it. Heck, there was a time when number one was number ten, and ten was one, it was all so confusing!

The point is, thirty years seem to have gone by in the blink of an eye, and many great people have been a part of our history. The next thirty years will involve many more great people, and countless more fun memories will be created. As the city continues to grow and wrap around our property, the Goulet will be an important part of the community, and Regina at large.

I want to thank the Goulet Club for it’s continued support over the years, and I hope to have enhanced your enjoyment of the club in some small way. I look forward to continuing our lesson programs and to seeing everybody in 2020, with a small break for curling season!

Love and Peace,


May 2014

So it's nice enough now, but you know what's coming. Rain, wind, sleet, flakes (not the people you play with). It's gonna get ugly. That however, will not stop us from getting our games in, since the end of October comes way too soon. And who wants to wimp out on their buddies. If one person says lets go, we're all going. We should be prepared, so our game is the best possible. Here are some hints to enjoy fall golf.

- Always dress in layers. Do we really need to say this? So many people I teach are underdressed, and after half an hour they can't stop shivering. You can always take clothes off if you're hot, but your muscles will shorten if you get colder. Throw a touque and a pair of gloves in your bag now, and you'll probably be happy you did. Make sure your shoes are as waterproof as possible, and consider doubling up on socks on the days you know won't reach double digits in temperature.

- Take more time to warm up. Try to stretch indoors, or hit some balls before you play.

- If you know it's going to be a cold day, keep your balls warm (not just the guys). Ball performance does decrease when getting close to freezing. Rather than leaving your bag in the garage, try to keep at least your golf balls warm. They'll fly farther.

- Take extra club. As the temperature gets closer to freezing, the heavy air will decrease flight time.Take an extra club or two and try for smooth swings with solid contact.

- Watch green speed. When we get deeper into fall and the soil temperature decreases, the greens will firm up. Also with less grass growth, you can expect the putts to roll further. Downhill putts on #4,5,10 &14 at our course can get fun, so don't pound it.

- Always watch your ball stop rolling, and find a nearby landmark. There's nothing worse than walking into a patch of leaves only to realize your ball isn't where you thought it was. Sometimes only a gust of wind will uncover it, however the wind hardly ever blows in Saskatchewan does it?

We have lots of golf season left. Enjoy the rest of the year, and let's make a golf date for Thanksgiving!

Gary Gerein
CPGA Professional

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